Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sophia's Christmas Photos

Just a quick post with Sophie's Christmas photos

Isn't she adorable? And I have one more picture

This is Sophie with my little sisters, her aunties. They'll be 6 in January.

Monday, December 27, 2010

19 days until...

My dear sweet husband should be official property of the military. Praying nothing goes wrong in this final stage.

I know you might think we're crazy seeing as he'll be going to basic training while I'm pregnant and having to care for a small infant. But this is what we're doing (yes we this is a combined effort) and I will make it work.

He'll be at basic training for about 9 weeks (not sure when he's leaving) and then he'll have 7 weeks of training to become and interior electrician. Which should bring us right around the time of Nubbin's arrival. After that we will most likely be moving states (YAY!) and starting a new life. I'm excited and terrified at the same time.

Buh-Bye Christmas

oh thank god it's gone. I love Christmas don't get me wrong but seriously it gets crazy.

I think if i have to touch cookie dough before next Christmas I might cry. I think I have the sugar from sugar cookies coursing through my veins.

We now have more shit I didn't want, and we don't need. We also have a teeny-tiny apartment that can't freaking hold it all.

Sophie did get some cute toys (not from me hehehehe, sorry hunny) and she does love them which is great because she's not old enough to turn them on by herself.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Booo time travel

Turns out I'm only 6weeks 4 days. -sigh-

Well then anyway
Yes find the Nubbin...

But the good news is that Nubbin's heartrate is 135BPM so I'm very very happy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

8 week appointment tomorrow

I'm both elated and terrified. I cannot be the innocent pregnant girl. I'm going to go all dark and depressing for a second to explain why.

Last year on Oct 10 I got my first positive pregnancy test. I was so giddy and elated and nothing could go wrong. I announced my pregnancy to the whole fucking world within two days. Then I started bleeding. By the time I noticed it, it was over. I had lost my first baby. Even though I was only 5 weeks pregnant I was inconsolable for almost a week. My OB encouraged me to try again saying "Sometimes the only way to heal is to get pregnant again." Well I did exactly what she said, I got my second positive on November 30, 2009 which resulted in my darling daughter. Unfortunately I had some bleeding from a subchoreonic hemorrhage that terrified me and broke my heart for six weeks.

So even though I only had one incident of spotting (after some uhhh good love) I can't  relax, I'm constantly afraid.

So moving away from the depressing I'm beginning to think my neighbors downstairs think I beat Sophia. Uhm I don't but the ear shattering, heartbreaking screams are because her teeth are starting to come through. Sigh I don't like this stage much.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why am I awake at 3 am?

Is my child awake, ill, and cranky? In short... no

But why on earth would a generally intelligent mother be awake at 3 am if her child is not? Uhm... because she's pregnant is my excuse.

I didn't sleep crappy until after the conception of nubbin. Also I didn't have severe heartburn and pounding headaches, now I do. Well isn't that interesting.

I think this is my payback for being blessed with a good girl. I had nausea and vomiting with Sophie but only for a short time. Vomiting always made me feel better... now I just always look sea sick.

But on a positive note I seem to not be green at 3 am... hooray... I think

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear my precious Sophia

Mommy adores that you sleep through the night and that you're typically a sweet little girl. But for the love of all things holy a nap every once and a while will not kill you. Really! I'm not lying! Try it once and a while without mommy resorting to hiding in her room as you YELL at the monitor.
Dearest Mommy

Seriously would someone convince my precious child a nap every now and then will not kill her? I get that sleeping a lot at night doesn't lead to spectacular naps but how around two or three 30 minute naps every now and then, especially when she gets that special brand of cranky.

Also in regards to the monitor I swear she knows where it is, like how to turn her head to make me suffer the wrath of her well developed baby lungs.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

7 weeks!!

Baby's now the size of a blueberry!Baby's brain -- both hemispheres! -- is growing fast, generating about one hundred new cells every minute. Arms and legs are emerging as joints start to form, and a permanent set of kidneys (baby's third!) is now in place.

Well I haven't really been actually throwing up but I'm constantly in that "Do I need to?" stage. It's really irritating, hopefully I only have like 5 or 6 more weeks of this crap left.

Also... 3rd set of kidneys... I definitely never noticed that little note while pregnant with Sophia. Uhm creepy alien child. I'm always telling my husband that these children are really alien symbiotes trying to take over... and to think he doesn't believe me.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear little nubbin

Your big sister never gave me headaches or dizziness. PLEASE follow her lead and stop. Mommy loves you but having a throbbing head when your sister wants to play is so not cool. Also standing up and suddenly needing to sit again, also not cool see as when sissy wants something she pretty much always wants it NOW.
Please stop,
Love momma

Sophia has little einstien hair

This is what happens when Sophie gets a bath. I cannot tame the hair! I can't wait until it gets longer and I have to us detangler... oh yes the fun.

She took some real naps today! Like one that was almost 2 hours! I was so happy and I fell asleep too, it was stinking awesome. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sophia met Santa

We went to a Breakfast with Santa at my sisters' school. Sophia didn't seem real impressed with Santa but she did look cute. My mother still has the pictures so I can't show them off.

She's going to see another Santa so we can get better pictures I'm just not sure when.

Right now she's sitting on daddy's lap watching old episodes of SNL. Mommy is not feeling so hot.

My carpal tunnel is acting up and this morning I had almost no feeling in either of my hands, instead I had the constant pins and needles feeling. That is enough to drive you nuts.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sophia got her Christmas pictures done!

Today we took Sophia and her aunts to get their Christmas pictures taken.

My little stinker was very cute if I do say so myself. I can't wait until we get the actually pictures back so I can show off my little princess. She was such a little ham and smiled at the camera every time they repositioned her.

Then having pictures knocked out Sophia, she then slept on the ride home like a good little girl.

Friday, December 3, 2010

4 months!!!

Little Sophia celebrated her 4 month birthday on Wednesday. I can't believe she's getting so big, like I'm having a hard time believing that 4 months have past since she was born.

Last night we had a 15 minute "conversation" she would coo and make sounds at me after I would talk to her. I think its adorable and she lights up like a Christmas tree when I respond to her sounds, like she can't believe it. She's working hard at sitting up and last night she was trying to sit up in her bathtub the entire time, like so much so I'm thinking she wont be on the infant end of it for too long any more.

Another milestone is I turned 6 weeks yesterday!

 Baby's now the size of a sweet pea!
Growing like crazy, baby is starting to sprout eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, and chin. Those little hands and feet -- still webbed like paddles -- might wiggle by week's end, the heart is beating (almost twice as fast as yours!), and blood is starting to circulate!

I've been pukey for the past couple of day and I'm afraid it's only going to get worse before it gets better. My poor Sophie has seen me throw up I think four times so far.

This weekend Sophia and her aunties are going to get Christmas pictures taken! I'm hoping they turn out well.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear morning sickness...

I would appreciate if you would stay in the MORNING. If not just don't come at all. Okay? Thanks.

I hate feeling constantly like I'm going to throw up. Especially when I'm out with Sophia alone. I have hard enough time listening to her being upset when I'm throwing up at home, let alone having people judge me out in public.

On another note Sophia got her first big girl toy yesterday! She got the fisherprice jumperoo! She absolutely loves in which is awesome.

I think she's such a cutie in it! Also she has stubby little legs that don't touch the floor even though her top half is obviously big enough for it. So my magical solution, stuff a pillow under her feet.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why this blog

I decided to originally start blogging when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Sophia. I did a pregnancy blog that was of course abandoned just after she was born, not that I kept with it much while I was actually pregnant.

Quick history. My husband and I got married on May 31, 2010. My daughter Sophia was born on August 1, 2010 at 11:26am. She is a blessing and the most miraculous thing that has ever happened to me.

I planned to keep a blog about how she was growing and doing, but I never really got to that. She will be 4 months old on December 1st. She is such a good baby and is happy 99% of the time.

Near the end of November 2010  I discovered some unexpected news,  I was pregnant... Yes you read correctly I have an almost four month old and I'm pregnant again. This child, who my husband and I have nicknamed Nubbin, is due on July 28th, 2011... 3 days before Sophia's first birthday.

I'm excited and nervous about it. Part of me feels bad that Sophia wont have time to be an only child, but I realize I wanted a large family and eventually she would have to give up the title.

So my reasons for this blog: I'm going to keep track of Sophia's milestones... how my little girl is doing, and of course be my pregnancy blog for Nubbin. Eventually this will be "how I survived 2 under 1"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My hip hurts and so does my knee. I was limping all day at work... OWWWW

Sophia is in bed. I love the fact that she sleeps through the night and is in bed by 8pm. She is such a good baby

 Rich is currently ignoring me and playing on the computer, so I'm fighting fire with fire.... probably not the best idea....

I found my old myspace from 3 years ago, always great to see pictures of yourself from 3 years ago and get depressed.

 I can't really think of anything else to write... except 3 more days left of work

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I know I haven't posted in a while... I try to get on but I've been busy since I went back to work.

Luckily work will no longer be an issue... because well I quit work. I still loved my job but daycare is expensive and I missed being with my little girl all day. So I handed in my two weeks notice a week ago. I will officially be done on 11/12/10. I will miss everyone on work but I'm so excited to be a stay at home mommy.

And how is Wubby doing? She's amazing and growing so much, she's 3 months old now! She loves to smile, coo at people and is so close to rolling over but that one arm is so frustrating. We got some pictures taken in the middle of October.

I personally think she is the cutest baby in the entire world :) 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Uhm did I not just take out my air conditioners because my house was warmer with them on than it was outside? Apparently mother nature has a mean streak. It is projected to be a high of 90 today.... WHAT? What happened to 65? My house is hot. If Oli were home I would most likely make him take an AC out of the closet and put it in, but he's not. NOOOO he's at work. Meanie.

Of course there is a magnificent breeze coming through the back of my house. Guess what rooms are positioned at the back of my house? The bathroom and the kitchen. Both windows are thrown open but I have an evil hallway that seems to strike down breezes in their tracks. CRUEL, I say, CRUEL. It is on the other hand humorous to try to go to the bathroom right now. I was nearly strangled by the curtains trying to do so. I would be laughed at if anyone actually was home with me other and Wubby.

Oh yes Wubby and how is she fairing with this sudden exposure to heat with no AC?

I'm gunna go with pretty good. Last night she slept in just a diaper and thinks she's hot stuff (huh huh pun) Today she has mostly slept through the heat. Honestly if I weren't hyped up on like my 16th Snapple tea since this morning I might be too.

Luckily it is supposed to be back down to the mid 70s tomorrow for our great escape. Basically that means Wubby gets to dress in cute clothes at Grammy's house.

How am I faring in the heat? I'm unhappy but lazy and other than taking care of Wubby I can be lazy.

Also Carl was on one of his earlier shifts today so he'll be done in a little under 3 hours, which is way better than 4 hours. I believe I've begun to have conversations with the kitty. Once I get him we will be running to the store to get bread and chocolate chips.

I have a new NOM NOM obsession. Bread, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. ITS AMAZING. And my lazy lady food.

Also we need formula (aka my cover for being a fatty) 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Its morning...

Oh the things you do to make your child comfy.
Wubby is a every 48hours pooper. Like I mean typically on the dot every 48 hours, occasionally she goes half an hour prior. Well when 6pm passed last night and no poop I got worried. I swear Carl and I worked harder to get that poop out of her than she did.

Now of course she's all tuckered out from her hard work and is asleep in the swing. Lately she's been fighting naps like it's her job. I love playing with her when she's awake but when she is most definitely falling asleep but fighting it I have to put her in the swing. Sometimes she'll fall asleep out of it but lately it is the best way when she gets overtired.

So I'm kind of excited/sad for Saturday. I'm excited Carl and I get to have a day to ourselves (Yay Dorny Park!) but I'm also kind of worried about leaving Wubby behind. Sure she'll be at my mothers where she'll be loved and cuddled all stinkin' day but I still will miss her.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm a ginger now!

Today I had my hair fixed, I got a really botched bob about 2 weeks ago and I also decided to dye it red. Woohoo new hair! Of course while I was getting it done my grandmother came over and watched Wubby.

Wubby has started waking up all bright and cheery in the mornings. She smiles at freaking everything and it is so adorable. I love every little smile from her it makes me so happy.

At the same time I'm dreading the coming weeks. I need to be returning to work and I really hate that thought. I so wish that I could stay home with Wubby until she needed to go to school. I can't because we need part of my income to keep ourselves comfortable and be able to save up and buy a house. I've actually cried at the thought of being away from her for even those couple of hours. I know it is probably stupid but I haven't been away from her for more than an hour since she was born. This Saturday Oli and I are going to Dorney Park for their Halloween thing and that will be the LONGEST I have been away from her. I actually am dreading going to a freaking amusement park! How sad am I?

So in two weeks tops I'm going to go back to work and frankly I'm seriously depressed about it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I had Sophia!

I don’t know exactly when to say my labor started. I could honestly stretch it back to July 26th. That Monday I’d been feeling off all day and at my mother’s house we decided to check my blood pressure. It was ridiculously high so after making a call to the doctor we ended up in labor and delivery. My blood pressure went down but the monitor read I was contracting for 50 seconds every 3 minutes. So they had me stay over night but alas I ended up going back home because it was only early labor.

I continued to contract regularly for the rest of the week but it never progressed. Since I was regular my OB told me that I should come in when they began to get painful or change in the way they felt. Saturday July 31st my husband was at work so I decided to spend the day with my parents and my little sisters. Well my contractions started to get a little more painful so my mother and I decided to walk. First around noon we went to the mall and walked in circles. The contractions stayed but didn’t change. So we went home and around four we took my sisters for a walk around the neighborhood. This caused the contractions to pick up in intensity but it wasn’t really painful. We decided to get pizza before picking up my husband, after that I would decide if we should go for a cervix check.

At 6:30pm as my mom was backing out of the parking lot of the pizza place I felt this bubble sensation and then a huge gush. My water had broken all over my poor mother’s front seat. After a quick swing to my parents house to hand off my poor sisters to my father we went to the hospital. Luckily Sophia had good timing since my husband was due to get off work at 6:45.

Once at the hospital, my water still gushing and gushing, they told me I was still only 1 centimeter and 70% effaced. I honestly could have cried. By 8pm when my contractions still hadn’t picked up I was started on pitocin. The OB from my practice who was on call told me I needed to wait until 4 centimeters for a epidural. Around 9:30 they checked me again, I was a solid 2. By this point my contractions were full force and I hated it. Around 11 I had only made it to 3 but the OB was taking pity on me and decided if I relaxed I might progress. At 11:30 I got my sweet, sweet epidural. I slept on and off until about 3:30am when they did yet another check. I was 4cm and fully effaced. It was looking like I was finally making progress, apparently not quick enough because they put in the internal monitor to see how strong my contractions really were.

Around 5am I started throwing up, which really sucked. The nurses were exciting thinking I was transitioning, sadly I was still only 4cm. At around 7 Sophia started having decelerations that were helped by having me on my left side. 10am she started decelerating even though I was fully on my side. The OB did one more check at 10:45 and told me I was still 4cm. He told me I could wait a little longer if I wanted but he was suggesting a c-section at this point. I consented to the c-section because I was watching her decelerations as we spoke.

At 11:08am they wheeled me into the operating room and started. It didn’t take too long before the doctors told my husband to stand up. At 11:26am I felt on huge tug and suddenly I could hear this little gargled cry. It was amazing to hear and I immediately started crying with her.

Sophia was 7lbs 13.5oz, she was 20inches long and had APGARs of 9/9.

My recovery has gone surprisingly well, I was nervous about all the pain I was going to have but honestly it was no worse than when I had my gallbladder removed. We tried breast feeding but we needed to supplement by the 2nd. When my milk still hadn’t come in by the 5th, even with constant pumping, I made the decision to switch to just formula. I cried over the decision for a day but it is the best thing for us

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I slack in blogging land...

So I'm 36w2d! I can't believe how far along I am. It's scary to think that I'm due in 4 more weeks. My doctors wouldn't even be too concerned if she decided to come this minute! Her growth has remained ahead but they're not worried, she'll just be larger.

I do have some things to catch you up on. At 32 weeks I was hit really hard in the stomach at work. This happened at around 8am. By 10:30 I was having monitoring done at my OB's office. By 11:30 I was at the hospital in preterm labor. I eventually progressed to a contractions lasting a minute coming every two. It was scary but luckily a shot of Terbutaline stopped them and I got to go home. Luckily it's been quiet since.

Also we're just finishing up a move! We've moved into another 2 bedroom apartment it's smaller than our other one but it's really perfect size for us and Sophia. Also I got her room done!!!

I had my 36 week appointment yesterday. Oh boy cervix checks! 70% effaced but no real dilation yet. So I'm not basically a watched pot... 

Friday, May 28, 2010

So I saw Sophia on Wednesday

There was some miss anatomy during my 20week appointment so I needed to go back to get pictures of her lips and a part of her brain.

Well I went and learned Sophia is still a girl, really I was paranoid they had gotten it wrong. I also learned Sophia is big. At 28weeks 6days she weighed in a 3lbs 7oz, in late week 29 they're supposed to hit the 3lb mark.

I did pass my 1hr gestational diabetes test BUT because she's measuring big if she's big on June 17th I get another one. -sigh-

I did get some pictures though :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


How far along?: 29weeks
Weight gain/loss: I lost 11 lbs in first tri. I've gained 10 back
Maternity clothes? Heh real clothes laugh at me
Stretch marks? always had them
Sleep? Getting more difficult
Best moment this week? Seeing Sophia on Wednesday
Movement: yep!
Food cravings: I want rootbeer but no one will get me it
Gender: GIRL!
Belly button in or out? In but its getting shallow
What I miss? Taking putting on shoes for granted
What I am looking forward to? My 32week appointment
Weekly wisdom: I got nothing... heh

Thursday, April 29, 2010


How far along?: 25 weeks
Weight gain/loss: -11 first trimester, + 8 now, -1 = -2
Maternity clothes? Definately
Stretch marks? always had them
Sleep? Getting more difficult
Best moment this week? Having Sophi scare the crap out of me by kicking me and startling me
Movement: yep!
Food cravings: I wanted a frosty and french fry bad. I got it on Tuesday
Gender: GIRL!
Belly button in or out? In but its getting shallow
What I miss? Hanging out in places deemed "unacceptable" for the pregnant
What I am looking forward to? Ultrasound in 4 weeks
Weekly wisdom: You eventually just accept everything is going to hurt at least one during your pregnancy
Milestones: Another week?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nursery Progress

 I bought some wooden letter and painted them. I'm very proud of myself.

Most of the pink wall and some of the yellow that's on the rest of the walls

Thursday, April 22, 2010

How far along?: 24 weeks baby!!!
Weight gain/loss: -11 first trimester, + 8 now... -3
Maternity clothes? Uhm yeah, not fitting normal pants
Stretch marks? always had them
Sleep? Normal as always
Best moment this week? uhm today!
Movement: yep!
Food cravings: Reese's puffs, craving sated now
Gender: GIRL!
Belly button in or out? In but it's starting to make it's way out
What I miss? I got 50% off for tickets to an amusement park, right now I miss roller coasters
What I am looking forward to? Ultrasound in 4 weeks
Weekly wisdom: It's not cool for someone to ask "how big are you!?"
Milestones: Today my Sophia is considered viable. She has a better than %50 chance of surviving. But she needs to stay put for at least 12 more weeks!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's A....!


My intuition was way off but I'm very excited for my little Sophia Grace!

We got a ton of stuff for her yesterday while shopping. Very exciting stuff!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

20wk U/S tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our big 20 week ultrasound! I'm so excited I can barely sit still. Good think I'm so exhausted lately or I'd never get to sleep tonight.

I know this is more than just a "what gender is baby" ultrasound and believe me I fret over that. But to keep myself from going nuts over the 'what ifs' I have just taken to being excited about the baby and find out if vegan is a he or she.

After the ultrasound tomorrow my mom, gram, and I will be going shopping. I'm going to buy so much stuff tomorrow for the baby it wont be funny. I'll finally know what section to spend all my time in. With my mom there she'll help me decide what of each size to buy.

Of course I will update tomorrow evening with the news after we have dinner with Carl's parents and I get my hair cut.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So I know I haven't updated in a while... ha since my NT scan in February. Now we're closing in on my big U/S! On March 24th we will see the little one again and find out if baby is a he or a she. I'm very excited for this!

I'm now 18w 5d and god does this feel like a big number. In about a week I will be halfway done my pregnancy. I still have moments of sheer terror when I'm afraid I'm not going to hold this baby, usually I squash that down. I tell myself I know I'm going to hold this baby and watch them grow.

So I'm actually starting to look pregnant WOOHOO!!!
 5 weeks!

 18 weeks!

And yes Carl and I have names picked out: Samuel Richard and Sophia Iris. I can't wait until I know which one to call my baby!

I'm beginning to feel movement and it's pretty exciting to randomly feel the baby. It makes me so happy.

In not baby news it's getting warm in Pa!!!! Sun and no snow woo freaking hoo!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holy Snow

So I just read somewhere that it was supposed to snow possibly up to 14 inches. Again?!?!

Seriously Pa just go hit by a storm that I was paranoid to go out in, but had to. Really more snow? I bet I'll have to drive to work in 14 inches of snow tomorrow. Oh god if we do have that much snow I hope we have a state of emergency. I'm done with winter now.

Other than that everything has been going great with the baby. I ordered a fetal doppler the other week and got it at the end of last week. The first night I had it I found the heart beat immediately. I've been only using it every other night and every night I can find the baby. What I find amazing is the first two times I used it the baby was in about the same spot. Last night though the baby was up higher closer to my actually stomach.

My next appointment is Feb 24. Nothing exciting I'm guessing blood work, the offices doppler, and peeing in a cup. But our BIG ultrasound is March 24 and I can't wait to know whether its a boy or girl. I want to buy clothes and toys, I want to look at bedding and such.

Carl and I have started looking for a new apartment. This one does have two bedrooms but the downstairs neighbors are unbearable. I just want to be in a house that is safe for me and the baby. I can't wait to find a good apartment.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NT scan update!

Everything went wonderful today. The nasal bone was very present, my doc said the neck measurement was normal, and the heart rate was 170. Everything was so wonderful
I go to watch my baby squirm and swim around during the ultrasound. It was so cute even though my baby was being difficult for the ultrasound tech.

 the profile of the baby

the whole baby

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Work Schedual

So It's been a while since I've updated.

To my knowledge everything is going splendid with my little vegan. I was vomiting on a regular basis until yesterday so the hormones are still there.

I have my 12 week NT appointment in a week. I'm very excited about seeing my baby for a while on the ultra sound. I'm not too worried about the genetics part, I mean of course I wonder but all in all we're a pretty clear genetics trait.

I just can't believe I'll be 12 weeks in a week, wow 3 month of pregnancy gone. Woohoo, how awesome. Only 28 more weeks, and 6 more months to go until i get to hold my baby.

I also have a new work schedule which is probably contributing to my sleeping when I'm not at work (along with the baby). I now work 11:30-6. I'm glad I get 2 extra (technically 3 since I will be staying until 6 now) hours on my schedule but I'm dead tired all the time anymore.

Maybe that will pass after I enter second tri, not to long now.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

So once again I'm late to the party.
But I have been so tired lately I haven't really felt the urge to update.
I went to my appointment on Monday 12/28, there was a secondary ultrasound and we saw the baby and everything was great.
My Spotting was caused by a subchorionic hemmorage that has resolved. I've stopped spotting occasionally I have discharge it's old left over that pooled in a weird spot.
I have my next appointment on 1/27 and I can't wait for it. I get another ultrasound for the NT scan.
Work is back for the year, it makes me so tired but I wouldn't trade this for the world