Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holy Snow

So I just read somewhere that it was supposed to snow possibly up to 14 inches. Again?!?!

Seriously Pa just go hit by a storm that I was paranoid to go out in, but had to. Really more snow? I bet I'll have to drive to work in 14 inches of snow tomorrow. Oh god if we do have that much snow I hope we have a state of emergency. I'm done with winter now.

Other than that everything has been going great with the baby. I ordered a fetal doppler the other week and got it at the end of last week. The first night I had it I found the heart beat immediately. I've been only using it every other night and every night I can find the baby. What I find amazing is the first two times I used it the baby was in about the same spot. Last night though the baby was up higher closer to my actually stomach.

My next appointment is Feb 24. Nothing exciting I'm guessing blood work, the offices doppler, and peeing in a cup. But our BIG ultrasound is March 24 and I can't wait to know whether its a boy or girl. I want to buy clothes and toys, I want to look at bedding and such.

Carl and I have started looking for a new apartment. This one does have two bedrooms but the downstairs neighbors are unbearable. I just want to be in a house that is safe for me and the baby. I can't wait to find a good apartment.

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