Monday, September 2, 2013

28 weeks

27.1 weeks

Look at us! 
Our 2nd goal has been met! Our first was 24weeks, that week came and went with some hospital time.
Today I am 28weeks pregnant. It is at this point that the survival rate of preemies skyrockets to around 95%. Fingers crossed for a boring week.
I have been holding my breath waiting for this day. With every doctors appointment I panic a little, that's a lot when you remember I go twice a week, wondering if today is the day something is going to go wrong. 
On August 27th we went for our growth scan, we are monitored every Tuesday for a BPP but every 3rd week we measure for growth. She grew! Granted she isn't magically "normal" size or even close to it but her growth between 24 weeks and 27 was proportionate. 
Our next goal is 32 weeks (September 30th) on the inside, which brings survival rates to 98%. Between now and then, though, I have 4 BPPs, 4 NSTs, and not to mention a regular OB appt. I'll also have to go in for a 3hr glucola, to determine if I'm a gestational diabetic as well.