Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm moving today

Haha like I should be actively packing/taking stuff apart but Sophie is gone to my gram's house and I'm alone for like 20 minutes!

I'm happy/not happy about this move but I'll get over it.

Also my mother makes this comment to me "Don't push yourself too hard today." I asked her why. Her response "Well you're really pregnant." Uhm at this point worst that happens is I go into labor, YEAHHH I'd be sooo upset about that happening.

That being said. I'm off to actually... move

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sophia can walk!

She took her first couple of steps a couple weeks ago but since then has really become a "walker"

It's almost sad to me that she can now walk. She still will crawl if it's a super long distance but her distances are getting a lot longer and she's much more stable. A little video

My house is a mess I know, my couch is ugly I know, and yeah my child knows the name of fictional characters on a TV show. I'm awesome like that you know.

Monday, July 4, 2011

My baby is growing up

Did you ever just realize something was different? Something that happened so gradually you did notice it until one moment it hit you?

That's how I feel about Sophia right now. In my head if you asked me what image I saw when thinking about my girl she is this little cross eyed baby that was always covered in drool. Yesterday after dropping Carl off at work for 6am we came home to try and relax the sleep away. We were sitting on the couch watching Yo Gabba Gabba when it hit me.

Sure she was on my lap but she wasn't being held by me. Actually she was reclining into the corner of the couch happily watching the TV. Her legs were propped up on mine, crossed at the ankles. Except they weren't baby legs, or baby feet, heck this wasn't a BABY. Her legs were long and had some scrapes and scars from her adventures and somehow her feet were already dirty despite the fact they hadn't touched the ground since the night before.

Call it pregnancy hormones, call it mommy feelings whatever but I immediately started crying. This child sitting on my lap both was and wasn't my baby. She will always be my baby until I die but she's not really a baby anymore. She now walks (we'll be a full time walker pretty soon) and talks, knows what naughty things are and enjoys trying to play with them and then run away when we catch her. She's not even a year yet and she's turned into a little girl, no longer my tiny red newborn.

I'm not really sure how I'm going to handle her birthday in a month. Maybe this realization and the crying it brought on is what the emotional 1st birthday is about. Realizing that little baby you gave birth to is just a memory and in its place you have an amazing toddler.

My little girl

She can now walk away from me...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I love the pool

The pool is my one true love. Sophia loves the pool, she's actually more sure of herself in the water than she is outside of it. And there is a bonus.

It wears the poor girl out. I mean we come home after 45 minutes at the pool and she is like half comatose and ready for bed. It's AMAZING.

A little moving update. Carl's family is finally getting around to emptying the new house so hopefully we can start moving soon. I'm so worried about this since I'm beginning to doubt Sam will last until the 29th.

A good thing about Sam is my dear mother just finished our big shopping for him. We got a second high chair (identical to Sophie's), a bassinet, and his crib mattress. I'm so freaking happy, at least he'll have a place to sleep now.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Okay I know I suck

My last update was about my 20 week appt. Haha I'm awesome.

I'm now 35 weeks meaning this show is rapidly coming to an end. If Sam doesn't arrive earlier he will be removed by force on July 29. Yeah I have what now 28 days left. OMFG that is four weeks. -wheeze-

Sophia turned 11 months old today. She can crawl, she takes up to 4 independent steps, she has 8 teeth now and she can say words! Our list so far is Mama, Daddy, Dog, Cat, Duck, Yeah, No, GO (must always be yelled), Chey (one of my little sister's names) and HI!

We are moving again. Long story short I had some complications with the pregnancy starting around 29 weeks. I got to the point where it was either quit or feel like I was risking my son's life. So we're moving into the 2nd half of Carl's grandmother's house. Its a 2 bedroom, I'm sacrificing the larger room for my babes. Carl is currently working 2 jobs (and will be starting a 3rd on August 1) and I hate him having to work like this. After August though he will be quitting at least 1 job, and we'll be saving up money to buy a minivan and then a house.