Saturday, July 2, 2011

I love the pool

The pool is my one true love. Sophia loves the pool, she's actually more sure of herself in the water than she is outside of it. And there is a bonus.

It wears the poor girl out. I mean we come home after 45 minutes at the pool and she is like half comatose and ready for bed. It's AMAZING.

A little moving update. Carl's family is finally getting around to emptying the new house so hopefully we can start moving soon. I'm so worried about this since I'm beginning to doubt Sam will last until the 29th.

A good thing about Sam is my dear mother just finished our big shopping for him. We got a second high chair (identical to Sophie's), a bassinet, and his crib mattress. I'm so freaking happy, at least he'll have a place to sleep now.

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