Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My parenting skills are amazing...

As we are now going on 2 weeks without any laundry being done, I had to do something.

My sweet husband has promised for said 2 weeks to do the laundry, alas my basket over flows and I can't find any clothes.

So today I gave up. I hid poor Sam in his pack'n'play and pulled out my trump card with Sophia. I turned on Yo Gabba Gabba.

When that show comes on she walks up to the gate around the TV and stands there for the 30 minutes it's on.

So I grabbed my basket and ran downstairs and started the laundry.
Yep you read me right.

I left my 12 month old alone but I did learn I can hear EVERYTHING through the floor, down to Sam growling because his bink fell out.

When I came back up Sophie was still standing at the TV in amazement as Brobee sang about the party in his tummy.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sophia is ONE!

My baby girl turned one a couple days ago. Her big party isn't until the 14th but my parents were wonderful enough to throw her an impromptu party on her actual big day.

My dad let Sophia pick the dinner. She is addicted to spinach and cheese stuffed ravioli so he made them for her. Also because she has a sensitivity to tomatoes he used an Alfredo sauce over top. We also had garlic bread which she LOVES.

My happy birthday girl!

Sophie enjoying her dinner, of course the queen
Her own personal cake. 
She was just testing the waters
Good cake 

We have a boy!

Samuel Richard was born on July 28th, 2011 at 11:04 am via c-section. He weighs 8lbs 7oz and is 20.5 inches long.

We were scheduled for a repeat c-section on 7/29 but Sam had other ideas. Wednesday night I was sitting in bed while poor Carl tried to sleep. I was planning our last day as a family of 3. I knew the c-section was on Friday and I felt like I had SO much crap to do in the space of 1 day.  At 11:30 Carl told me to lay down and go to sleep, which was kind of funny.

Around 3am I woke up and noticed I was damper than usual down there but i was so tired I thought it was just sweat and normal discharge. Around 7am I heard a crash followed by the sound of water from the bathroom. I bolted out of bed thinking A) Sophie got out of bed and B) She got into the tub. I got to the room to discover that a body wash had fallen and turn on the faucet.  But as I stood there I felt a gush. It took me 2 more minutes to realize my water broke. I stood in the shower and yelled to DH to come help me.

He came in and was like "Are you sure its your water, you're c-section is tomorrow" I about threw something at him. I calmly called my mom to come get me. She about had a stroke leaving her work because she was so excited. I called my gram, got dressed, and woke Sophie. She was a little peeved since we never wake her but she forgave me when my mom got there. After dropping Sophie at my grandmother's we drove to the hospital.

They barely got the strip near me and it turned green. I was surprised when they told me that they had one c-section and then it was my turn. I wasn't contracting, not even my normal amount which was a little depressing considering I had multiple preterm labor scares. Even though I was a repeat c-section we had discussed a VBAC if my body looked like it would cooperate, of course it didn't.

I had a spinal which was a little freaky for me. It didn't really hurt but I could feel the catheter thing in my spine. The nurses joked that it was good I had the oxygen on me already since I stuffed my face into a pillow the whole time. I got nauseous really quick and even though they gave me the meds I ended up throwing up, that was a little freaky since it was while they were starting to cut.

This c-section seemed to go quicker than with Sophia, I'm not sure if it did but it felt like it. It felt like it was immediately after Carl joined me that they were having him stand to see Samuel. Unlike his sister, who needed to be pinched to cry, when they pulled him out he screamed. I cried pretty hard hearing that. I actually napped through the second half of the surgery, it was boring and I was REALLY numb.

He's just over a week old now but he's a relatively happy baby and usually only cries if he's naked or hungry.