Friday, September 24, 2010

Uhm did I not just take out my air conditioners because my house was warmer with them on than it was outside? Apparently mother nature has a mean streak. It is projected to be a high of 90 today.... WHAT? What happened to 65? My house is hot. If Oli were home I would most likely make him take an AC out of the closet and put it in, but he's not. NOOOO he's at work. Meanie.

Of course there is a magnificent breeze coming through the back of my house. Guess what rooms are positioned at the back of my house? The bathroom and the kitchen. Both windows are thrown open but I have an evil hallway that seems to strike down breezes in their tracks. CRUEL, I say, CRUEL. It is on the other hand humorous to try to go to the bathroom right now. I was nearly strangled by the curtains trying to do so. I would be laughed at if anyone actually was home with me other and Wubby.

Oh yes Wubby and how is she fairing with this sudden exposure to heat with no AC?

I'm gunna go with pretty good. Last night she slept in just a diaper and thinks she's hot stuff (huh huh pun) Today she has mostly slept through the heat. Honestly if I weren't hyped up on like my 16th Snapple tea since this morning I might be too.

Luckily it is supposed to be back down to the mid 70s tomorrow for our great escape. Basically that means Wubby gets to dress in cute clothes at Grammy's house.

How am I faring in the heat? I'm unhappy but lazy and other than taking care of Wubby I can be lazy.

Also Carl was on one of his earlier shifts today so he'll be done in a little under 3 hours, which is way better than 4 hours. I believe I've begun to have conversations with the kitty. Once I get him we will be running to the store to get bread and chocolate chips.

I have a new NOM NOM obsession. Bread, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. ITS AMAZING. And my lazy lady food.

Also we need formula (aka my cover for being a fatty) 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Its morning...

Oh the things you do to make your child comfy.
Wubby is a every 48hours pooper. Like I mean typically on the dot every 48 hours, occasionally she goes half an hour prior. Well when 6pm passed last night and no poop I got worried. I swear Carl and I worked harder to get that poop out of her than she did.

Now of course she's all tuckered out from her hard work and is asleep in the swing. Lately she's been fighting naps like it's her job. I love playing with her when she's awake but when she is most definitely falling asleep but fighting it I have to put her in the swing. Sometimes she'll fall asleep out of it but lately it is the best way when she gets overtired.

So I'm kind of excited/sad for Saturday. I'm excited Carl and I get to have a day to ourselves (Yay Dorny Park!) but I'm also kind of worried about leaving Wubby behind. Sure she'll be at my mothers where she'll be loved and cuddled all stinkin' day but I still will miss her.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm a ginger now!

Today I had my hair fixed, I got a really botched bob about 2 weeks ago and I also decided to dye it red. Woohoo new hair! Of course while I was getting it done my grandmother came over and watched Wubby.

Wubby has started waking up all bright and cheery in the mornings. She smiles at freaking everything and it is so adorable. I love every little smile from her it makes me so happy.

At the same time I'm dreading the coming weeks. I need to be returning to work and I really hate that thought. I so wish that I could stay home with Wubby until she needed to go to school. I can't because we need part of my income to keep ourselves comfortable and be able to save up and buy a house. I've actually cried at the thought of being away from her for even those couple of hours. I know it is probably stupid but I haven't been away from her for more than an hour since she was born. This Saturday Oli and I are going to Dorney Park for their Halloween thing and that will be the LONGEST I have been away from her. I actually am dreading going to a freaking amusement park! How sad am I?

So in two weeks tops I'm going to go back to work and frankly I'm seriously depressed about it.