Thursday, September 23, 2010

Its morning...

Oh the things you do to make your child comfy.
Wubby is a every 48hours pooper. Like I mean typically on the dot every 48 hours, occasionally she goes half an hour prior. Well when 6pm passed last night and no poop I got worried. I swear Carl and I worked harder to get that poop out of her than she did.

Now of course she's all tuckered out from her hard work and is asleep in the swing. Lately she's been fighting naps like it's her job. I love playing with her when she's awake but when she is most definitely falling asleep but fighting it I have to put her in the swing. Sometimes she'll fall asleep out of it but lately it is the best way when she gets overtired.

So I'm kind of excited/sad for Saturday. I'm excited Carl and I get to have a day to ourselves (Yay Dorny Park!) but I'm also kind of worried about leaving Wubby behind. Sure she'll be at my mothers where she'll be loved and cuddled all stinkin' day but I still will miss her.

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