Friday, March 15, 2013

Hi! I'm the mother who lets her kids wear what they want

Even if it makes you uncomfortable

Until recently when it stopped fitting Sophie's favorite shirt in the whole world was a thomas one I got from the boys section. Her favorite pajamas? Batmanssssss (say that in the overly excited toddler voice). Does she have really frilly dresses and Dora pjs? You bet! She calls the former her "princess" and the latter "dorabootsdorabootsdoraboots" but given the choice she will pick Batman or she'd still stuff Thomas on over her princess dresses

Sam has boy clothes he has Avengers tshirts and a superman cape. He has drawers full of jeans and tshirts that are "boy themed." But I've learned that he had mad skills in princess heels and he really loves having bows in his hair. And some days like today he asks to wear a dress. I let him... why? Because I'm just happy he's wearing clothes for once...