Friday, July 1, 2011

Okay I know I suck

My last update was about my 20 week appt. Haha I'm awesome.

I'm now 35 weeks meaning this show is rapidly coming to an end. If Sam doesn't arrive earlier he will be removed by force on July 29. Yeah I have what now 28 days left. OMFG that is four weeks. -wheeze-

Sophia turned 11 months old today. She can crawl, she takes up to 4 independent steps, she has 8 teeth now and she can say words! Our list so far is Mama, Daddy, Dog, Cat, Duck, Yeah, No, GO (must always be yelled), Chey (one of my little sister's names) and HI!

We are moving again. Long story short I had some complications with the pregnancy starting around 29 weeks. I got to the point where it was either quit or feel like I was risking my son's life. So we're moving into the 2nd half of Carl's grandmother's house. Its a 2 bedroom, I'm sacrificing the larger room for my babes. Carl is currently working 2 jobs (and will be starting a 3rd on August 1) and I hate him having to work like this. After August though he will be quitting at least 1 job, and we'll be saving up money to buy a minivan and then a house.

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