Friday, March 18, 2011

Nubbin is a.... BOY

BOY. Samuel Richard!
and good gravy he was pleased to show us. I guess all boys are like that...

Everything looks good on HIM. HE's measuring 21 weeks (I was 19weeks 5 days when I went for the ultrasound)

This is Sam's profile he's going to be a cutie :)

Sophie could really care less but she is certainly a cutie these days. She even tolerated a shopping trip for BOY clothes.
Both of my children will be well dressed thank you very much

We also moved and are now residing in a three bedroom house about 50 ft from my mother's house. Sophia seems to like the extra space!

Sophie is now scooting around the room on her perfectly plump backside. She also enjoys swings, walks by the pond, and turkey. And that sounded like a dating add. I will betroth her to the highest bidder... uhm cutest boy.

Some Sophia eye candy because she's too cute.

On the swing

 My little St. Patrick's Day cutie

Pretending she's not trying to eat the cat (yes OMG there's a cat in her crib!!!)

Oh yes and did I mention we bough jail a play yard?

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