Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So I know I haven't updated in a while... ha since my NT scan in February. Now we're closing in on my big U/S! On March 24th we will see the little one again and find out if baby is a he or a she. I'm very excited for this!

I'm now 18w 5d and god does this feel like a big number. In about a week I will be halfway done my pregnancy. I still have moments of sheer terror when I'm afraid I'm not going to hold this baby, usually I squash that down. I tell myself I know I'm going to hold this baby and watch them grow.

So I'm actually starting to look pregnant WOOHOO!!!
 5 weeks!

 18 weeks!

And yes Carl and I have names picked out: Samuel Richard and Sophia Iris. I can't wait until I know which one to call my baby!

I'm beginning to feel movement and it's pretty exciting to randomly feel the baby. It makes me so happy.

In not baby news it's getting warm in Pa!!!! Sun and no snow woo freaking hoo!

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