Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear my precious Sophia

Mommy adores that you sleep through the night and that you're typically a sweet little girl. But for the love of all things holy a nap every once and a while will not kill you. Really! I'm not lying! Try it once and a while without mommy resorting to hiding in her room as you YELL at the monitor.
Dearest Mommy

Seriously would someone convince my precious child a nap every now and then will not kill her? I get that sleeping a lot at night doesn't lead to spectacular naps but how around two or three 30 minute naps every now and then, especially when she gets that special brand of cranky.

Also in regards to the monitor I swear she knows where it is, like how to turn her head to make me suffer the wrath of her well developed baby lungs.

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  1. If I read correctly your oldest is 4 months and you're... WOW you're brave! All the best of luck juggling two babies!

    My C will also rather die than take a nap, and he goes to Spartan lengths to prove it. Argh. But heck, as long as he sleeps well at night... Also, it might get better - now that he's a geriatric 13 months he does nap every now and then. They will mellow with old age!