Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It snowed!

Technically this is our second real snow of the season but this was the better of the two. It snowed all night and became rain/sleet in the morning. I would have missed all the weather but Carl's work called him all in a panic this morning and he ended up going to work a little before 8, he normally works at 1. So before we left I made him sweep off the car so I could drive, I sure as hell wasn't doing it me and lil'El like the warmth. But if anyone has ever been to the coal region of Pa after the leaves have fallen but before the snow they know it's this ugly brown region. When it snows it's relatively pretty so while I like the fall I always look forward to the snow.

I'm beginning to wonder how my cat will take to a baby. See we have a 6 month old kitten named Lyric who we've had since she was 13 weeks old. She's very clingy to me and if I sit down she has to be in my lap, this has increased 10 fold since I found out I was pregnant. I think she knows. She's only had one interaction with smaller people, my 4 year old sister, and she was dive bombing her the entire time. I can't have her doing that to a newborn expecially since she'll be over a year and bigger than she is now. We might have to figure out how to prevent that in the future.

In other news we have new neighbors. I smell cigarette smoke in my hall but this is just the first day they have lived here. So the jury is still out.

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