Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I get up too early

I get up way too early. I don't know why anymore. I used to be the type of person who could sleep in until 3 in the afternoon even if I went to bed at like 10. Now I can barely sleep past 8 anymore. I think it has to do with a job I had earlier this year that had me on such a weird schedual and I was always up early.

I'm very excited for Christmas to come. This year there are a million presents for my sisters but I still have to shop for my parents, oh yeah Carl too. Still this will be my first "Christmas in my own home." I'm sure I'll spend half of it at my parents house (and maybe an hour at Carl's parents) but it's still an exciting prospect.

Also the monday following Christmas will be my first appointment where I get to see my little El. I'm very excited for that day and for the first time since I got pregnant I'm actually believing I'll make it to that day. I know that's kind of an awful thing to say but I'm still nervous about the appointment.

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