Thursday, December 10, 2009

And it's 5:30

Really as I start writting this it's 5:30am. Why the hell am I up?

Uhg this is going to sound like an ungrateful rant but anyway.

Why does it seem my other pregnancy is going by so quick? I just got an email telling me I was 16 weeks. I would like to say that I love that baby and this one with all my heart, but I just wish I was 16 weeks. Right now I'd be planning how to tell my family for the big ultrasound not waiting (im)patiently for my first visit. I should be in maternity clothes with a cute bump not feeling that bloat has turned even my scrubs against me. Sure I'm thrilled to be pregnant and blessed that it happened so quick but I still miss my first baby.

On a less stupid note my being up early has be productive, I ordered my father's Christmas present. Yay

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