Sunday, December 6, 2009


I am currently 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant. This was the time I started spotting in my last pregnancy and so today I've been trying to keep super busy. I did manage to avoid thinking of it too much by cleaning parts of my house and finally wrapping all the presents for my sisters.

My tree looks very good with all the presents under it. I'm in much of a Christmas-y mood seeing that. What's funny is the entire bottom of my tree if covered with gifts but all but two are for my sisters. So I still have to do some major shopping left, that is if my car doesn't cost enough to drain my Christmas money.

As for my current pregnancy I feel great. Okay so I puked up my dinner last night and I have wicked heartburn if I eat certain things, but I still feel great. I wasn't ever a meats girl but I did love certain meat. Well my little El has different ideas for me. I either get heartburn or vomit from eating meat and my mom jokes that I have a vegetarian baby growing. So if I go eight more months without eating meat I might cry.

In other news I've been looking at wedding dresses that will be forgiving to my immediate post baby body. My mom found one for me that I actually really love. Basically I'm looking at anything with an empire waist and straps, I hate strapless.

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