Sunday, May 13, 2012

What I did on Mother's Day

For me the thought of Mother's Day leaves me with a simple image in my head.

An image of mom lying in bed greeted by her beautiful children, husband and of course a tray full of delicious breakfast.

The mom in my head eats her breakfast alone, maybe while reading some of her book. When she gets up her husband has cleaned the kitchen and the children give her little hand crafted gifts.  She spends the day doing no real work, going out to eat lunch and spending time with her own mother.

In reality. Mother's Day is just another freaking day.

So I lived it like just another day. Plus a sense of bubbling resentment sent me off into a cleaning frenzy this weekend.

So I cleaned

Now you might be thinking.

Uh big deal?
Well actually considering my house looked like 200x worse on Friday evening it is a big deal.

Oh and I made brownies...

Happy Mother's Day.

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