Monday, May 14, 2012

S3's progress

I know I haven't really posted anything on our awaited arrival of S3 for a while.

Honestly there isn't much I know.

We didn't have the NT scan at 12 weeks.
We went in for our big anatomy scan but it was the biggest flop ever.

We went and the tech couldn't see much of baby's organs and the measurements came back different how what week baby is measuring.

I'm not truly concerned. While yes it is frightening to be told "I can't see 3 of 4 heart chambers" or "well I have no clue where the kidneys are." I'm not worrying until there is a reason to worry. The machine wasn't picking up baby well and to be honest the ultrasound tech didn't really seem that skilled. And no we have no clue what gender our #3 is.

So in about a week we're going to go for a bigger, better ultrasound with the Maternal Fetal Medicine people at the hospital.

I should have at least a picture to share and a more detailed description of how my bean is growing.

As of right now I do know baby is alive and seemingly well and probably bigger than my supposed almost 22 weeks.

And for right now that's all that really matters.

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