Wednesday, May 30, 2012


In a few short minutes I will be 24 weeks pregnant.

If you've been pregnant recently or know someone who has been you may have heard of the term "viability." This word means so much to many of us who are pregnant. At 24 weeks a fetus is consider viable meaning that doctors are to preform procedures to save the life of a child born at this gestational age.

The survival rate for a baby born at 24 weeks is between 40-70% dependent on factors (gender, weight, etc.) Statistically white males do fair worse when born premature.

Despite the promise of a chance no one actually wants their child born at this age, I certainly don't. But it is still a comforting though considering my history of preterm labor with Sam.

24 weeks also means I have 15 short weeks (remember I will be taken for a repeat at 39 weeks provided I don't go into labor on my own) left until Saul makes an appearance. This is a little terrifying to me.

Of course between now and then I have my anniversary, my birthday, Samuel's 1st birthday, and Sophia's 2nd birthday among other things so I have no doubt those 15 weeks will move extremely quick.

There really isn't much to do. The biggest will be moving Sam unto the same bedroom as Sophie. Other than that we're putting on new bedding for Saul and getting a few items that didn't survive Samuel.

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