Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baby #3 is!!!

A healthy baby boy.

We went to the maternal fetal medicine doctors on Wednesday to to a retake of our anatomy scan.

Baby boy was measuring 24 1/2ish weeks and was expected to weigh in at 1lb 5oz. He had all his fingers and toes. His heart, brain, spine, kidneys and every other organ looked perfect.

We've decided to go with the name Saul Nathaniel.

I'm so extremely happy everything is going well with our little man. I was worried, how could I not be? Its never comforting when the ultrasound tech tells you they can't see much.

I did also get an ultrasound picture of his head but unfortunately I lack a printer (and therefor a scanner).

I didn't see any really distinguishable features during the ultrasound but I imagine he'll look just like his older siblings (who look just like each other) when he's born. It's hard to believe I have less than 4 months to go!

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