Sunday, May 27, 2012

Monthly dinner menus

So my dear Carl and I have decided to plan out our menu a month in advanced in hopes of making one large shopping trip and only stocking up on the little things for the rest of the month.

Well I'll share my menu with you guys. I'll add links to the menu to note where I got the recipes from in case you're interested. And no I'm not creative enough to make a recipe... yet. Maybe in a little.

Oh also did I mention I just bought Carl a pressure cooker? We had it for all of two days and it was used for dinner twice. So needless to say sometimes it is okay to buy your spouse a kitchen appliance for your anniversary.

So our first issue when deciding to plan a menu is being given so many options! While yes I love having options sometimes when they're limitless its intimidating. So we decided to be lame and make a daily "theme"... okay usually its the meat (or lack there of) dictating the theme.

Monday- meatless
Tuesday- chicken
Wednesday- beef (or cow product)
Thursday- pork (or pig product)
Friday- pressure cooker night!

Now you might stop and realize "Wait that's only 5 of 7 days" well, yes it is. Truth be told Carl is gone from 5:15am on Saturday morning until approximately 1am Monday morning. Our weekends are already pretty scheduled. Saturday we eat grilled cheese (don't judge!). And well Sunday my loving, wonderful, mother comes and rescues me us from the children being alone for the whole weekend and they feed my kids.

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