Saturday, April 28, 2012

9 Months of 2 under 2

Today is Sam's 9 month birthday!

Happy 3/4 birthday little man!

Today also marks surviving 9 months with 2 children under Two!

At first the thought of two babies is kind of terrifying. #1 is still so dependent on you and here you are adding #2 who is also going to depend on you for everything. That's a lot of people depending on you (remember YOU depend on you as well).

I think the first couple of days in the hospital it doesn't dawn on you that you have 2 babies. You see #1 occasionally but you're pretty much alone with #2.

It might not even be the first day you are home. The moment it hit me was bedtime. Going into that first night truly alone with a newborn is scary enough. Add on top of it you have another baby who still needs you to put her to bed and take care of her throughout the night.

You worry if he'll wake her or if she is going to sleep regress tonight of all nights. And dear God where is the pacifier!? At this point you don't care which one of them takes it but one of them has to go to sleep.

A lot of times it does get worse before it gets better.

#1 may not immediately regress (or at all) but the time to expect it is a couple days later. A week after we brought Sam home, Sophie decided sleep was for the weak. She began waking every 3 hours. Sam wasn't even doing that!

Then your faced with the fact you actually have to get things done. You have to eat, they have to eat, the living room needs cleaned, and oh yeah you have no pants clean. You'll be forced to do things you would never do before, like stashing the newborn and putting on TV to distract your toddler.

In the beginning it's easy to be overwhelmed with the fact that they're both so little. But wait it gets better. I truly realized it was worth it the day I caught Sophie playing peek-a-boo with Sam, he was only about 4 months old. The older #2 gets, the more they begin to interact and play and the more you see it's really worth it.

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