Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review

Sunbaby Diapers

Alright so I was skeptical at first because they're from China (oh gasp!). After reading up on the brand I discovered they're made by a Chinese WAHM in China. Yes she has some other workers but its no different than some of the USA WAHMs turned stores. But hey 12 for $60? Heck yes I'm going to try them. 

It took them a few weeks to get here. I'm impatient so what was probably 4 weeks (from China remember) felt like months! They came in a suspicious looking package, think cocaine brick, but it was all to protect my diapers. I immediately washed them up and went to use them. Okay hold on these are SNAPS.

Carl and I have never used snaps, because we're afraid. But even wrestling Titan Sophia into one wasn't hard. DH is OCD and has a system for the fit. I just pull and snap and repeat on the other side, neither of us has had an issue with fit doing our snapping systems.

First impression the shells were light weight and really flexible, they felt like normal material. I was really skeptical at first but onto Sophia and Sam they go! With Sam I stuck with the inserts that came, Sophia always gets a prefold stuffed in diapers. Two hours in they were both dry around the edges! I was really impressed. 

Summary: I love them! They're so inexpensive and come in different designs and after looking at her site again she now has TWO sizes! Also if you don't see a pattern you like currently just wait a few weeks she's almost always adding new now!

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