Saturday, January 14, 2012

The holidays are done!

I'm so happy that the hectic-ness of the holiday's have passed. Thank goodness!

Did my announcement shock you? I doubt it! Carl and I are so happy and excited to be having another baby. We have decided that since we're in love with the name Sawyer and it is one of the true gender neutral baby names that the baby will be Sawyer either way. If baby is a girl her name will be Sawyer Elizabeth and if baby is a boy his name will be Sawyer Remington. My first appointment is on Thursday! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get a dating ultrasound.

Also I'm very sorry for slacking on my lessons. With the holidays and our new news I was a little preoccupied. I will now return to my regular posting.

And here's another shocker we're probably moving soon. Honestly I hate moving so much and I always seem to do it while pregnant (when am I not pregnant?) but there are some issues which are causing us to need to jump ship here. Lets just say not everyone is thrilled about our newest blessing.

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