Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow day!

It snowed again, FINALLY! It hasn't snowed since our freak storm in October! I live in Pennsylvania, it always snows here.

So I decided we were going to have a fun snow day. So far, so good!

So this morning I decided to make pancakes!

pancakes! They aren't pretty but they were good.

Sam hanging out in the jumper while we ate.

Sophie enjoying her pancake!

Hey, mommy! Look I have feet!

Sam was tipping over so Sophie leaned away

When she saw us drag out her snow suite she laid down to help

Sam watching his sister get ready

I love her little foot!

Snow boots

Putting on Sophia's overalls

They're on!!!

The mittens

Now the coat

So we discovered we never bought Sam a snow suite

So we put him in his sister's from last year

Taking a ride in her sled

Some more of her sleigh ride

Sam enjoying the scenery

Taking a walk through the snow

Hey Sam! (at least his hat is blue)

More of their little walk

This snow stuff is hard work

Back out to play some more!

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