Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photo bomb anyone?

Upon further discovery my last true photo bomb was when Sam was 2 months old! I'm severely slacking! Okay I did do a Halloween picture post but none of "normal" life. So here it is!

Daddy and babies 

Sophie's new Thomas jammies! 

Sam rocking the casual professional look

Our freak snow storm
(10/28/11 & 10/29/11)

Did someone say SNOW?!?!?

Sophie and her 1st snow!

Mush, Daddy! Mush!

My sled is so awesome!

Rockin' the fire boots

 Sophia "experimenting"

Fireman Sam!

Daylight savings fail


4 months old!

Yeah I'm sitting, no big deal.

 Christmas PJs!

Sophie loves to help!

Christmas Sam!

Christmas Sophie!
Hanging out with daddy!

Sick time :(

snuggling with daddy

 Sophia putting blocks on her head

Can they see me to?

Sophia rockin' the slippers!

Mommy kisses!

Sophie and Sam

Food time with Sam!

Sophie and Sam snuggling on the couch

So there you have it. My photo bomb post!

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