Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Week 2

After the fun we had with our red apple last week I decided snacks were a perfect way to illustrate to Sophie amounts and colors.

Sophie loves food and loves to eat. She actually began walking because we would bribe her with graham crackers. So yesterday Sophie had oranges for snack. She usually only eats half an orange for a snack so I cut an orange into quarters and gave her two of the quarters. She enjoyed that part.

I think she's beginning to catch on to the fact I'm teaching her. She loves to learn new things, and like any toddler she's pretty darn determined to get things down. I swear she pointed to B on the alphabet chart 30 times today. When she points to a letter (even if its not this weeks letter) I always say it aloud. I've decide that to differentiate other letters from letters we learned when she points I'll say something like "B: b for ball" or since we learned A "A: a for apple" (there's that food again)

Sophie is pretty familiar with the "more" sign, she will use it on random. I'm really reinforcing it using it almost anytime I say the word, more.

Our language word of the week holds new meaning. I've discovered recently Sophie is terrified of strange dogs. She is regularly exposed to a 70lb standard poodle and a miserable 15lb Pomeranian. She has never shown fear to dogs before but on Monday we went to visit a friend and she was paralyzed with fear, she literally backed under the tree and just laid there screaming. This worries me because after the devastating loss of her 11 year companion, Phoebe, my grandmother has just gotten a new dog. I'm using the opportunity to try to remind her that dogs aren't bad. We're looking at lots of pictures of dogs.

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