Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 1 Day 1

I'm not going to say I'll update about this every day but pretty close in the beginning.

I had the little girl I babysit today (she's 13 months old) so regardless I started. I babysit this girl at least 2 times a week

I wrote up a list of what we're doing and placed it above our alphabet board. This is to remind my husband and myself of what we're working on this week. Carl was all excited and immediately showing Sophia red things, we have an Elmo winter hat that he immediately put on her head. She pretty much wore the hat all day, taking it off only to give it to me to put it back on. If I didn't loudly proclaim "Sophie, this is your RED hat" she would rip it off and give it back. Perhaps a red shirt tomorrow?

I think I read her "Who is coming to our house" at least 14 times. I actually hid the book for a while to avoid reading it over and over and over. The book is a sweet little story about the animals getting ready for someone coming to their home. A chick sweeps the floor, a momma pig pushes her babies to make room, and a mouse answers the constant question "Who is coming to our house?" At the very end Mary and Joseph arrive late in the night and the animals all welcome them to their house.

I had Carl draw a red flower and next to it I wrote "rote blume, rouge fleur, rojo flor" Please be aware I do know that "Red flower" in French and Spanish are formed differently but I wanted to illustrate that red, rote, rouge, and rojo are all the same word. I let Sophia hold the picture and I started by saying "Look that's a red flower" then later "Look a rote blume" and so forth.

As for the sign every time I said the word "please" I would sign it. When I would prompt her to say please I would take her hand and help her do the rough sign as I said "Sophie say please." Later this evening when she brought "Who is Coming to Our House" to me I prompted her to say please and I had her make the sign. She didn't sign "please" but she said it, this is the first time she has ever said this.
 this is the sign for please

As for the number 1 and the letter A I would point out when she only had one of something. I also pointed to one on her number chart and said one, uno, un, ein. As for the letter A, I was kind of shocked to find I didn't have many toys that started with A or really any objects. I'm having Carl stop at the grocery store after work to get red apples.

Tomorrow for snack I think we're having one red apple.

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