Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A note on our reading

This week our book is "Room for a Little One" the previous week it was "Who is Coming to Our House?"

Right now my books are seasonally appropriate for my family since we're celebrating the Christmas season. I also am planning to go out sometime this weekend and get perhaps a book on Hanukkah. But if you are following these little suggestions (please by any means do! just if you use my idea in a blog link it back) I suggest you use books you already have.

Find a book, perhaps one you little one doesn't show much interest in and the night before your week starts put the book out in an obvious place. With my kids they have a little cube shelf that we stick their toys in. The books are at eye level for my toddler. I usually store them spine out because its more space efficient but I take the book of the week and turn it so the cover is out. She instinctively grabs it first, maybe because its closer or perhaps because its got more to look at than the spines.

I'm sure you already do this but whenever they bring you the book read it to them. But, as a suggestion, I know that I am guilty of as soon as she's off doing something I stop reading (especially when it's the 30th time that hour she asked me to read it). Instead even if they're on the other side of the room fiddling with a toy continue to read. If you have time finish the book even if you think they aren't listening. Read in a louder clear voice the rest of the book, even if it is the 30th time.

Did you know it is suggested your toddler hear 30,000 words a day! Reading these books over and over is an easy way to ebb up your count.

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