Saturday, November 5, 2011

Indian Prefold by Cotton Babies Review

Indian Prefold by Cotton Babies:
I love prefolds. They are cheap and versatile. I'm going to start off and say that I have only used this particular brand. I am very interested in purchasing the Cloth-eez from Green Mountain Diapers but that wont happen until I go to purchase for a newborn.

After the initial prep they puff up to these gorgeous little quilted rectangles. I have been using the same ones for almost a year for my daughter (regular size) and I love them. My husband even loves them.

They are nice and poof up even more over time. They absorb quickly and have been known to hold even my daughter overnight. That kid out pees me even when I'm pregnant. They can get a little rough but nothing a dryer ball or a bit of vinegar in the wash doesn't fix. Also I have not had to do any stripping on these since I bought them.

Summary: I love these. They are great and the most expensive one (premium which is 4x8x4 ply instead of the 4x6x4 ply) is only $2. I would recommend them to anyone.

PS: that is my son... don't judge the snappi we hadn't ordered some in boy colors yet

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