Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Review

I started using these covers when I began to cloth diaper my daughter, she was around 6 months old and is now 15 months old. I wanted to love these covers because they were so colorful with their cute prints. But honestly as soon as I began using them I ran into immediate issues. The leaked from day one. 
Originally I thought it was a user error since I was new to cloth diapering. But now almost a year later I know I know how to use a cover. But these covers. They leaked with my daughter, they leaked with my son, they leaked with prefolds and fitted alike. They didn't leak through the legs for me, actually they leaked right through the crotch for both children. 

Another issue comes with the size and shape of my children. Both of my kids are big they are 95% and above on the growth charts for both height and weight. While I don't think either of them are very very chubby they fit in the "tall and chubby" category. The bands dug into my daughter's waist and her thighs. No matter how I adjusted the tightness they left very deep, red, indents on her. What surprised me was my son who was a long skinny newborn and the size small left the same marks on him. 

I had fit and leak issues. I'm not impressed. The only positive factor these have going for them is the prints, but prints don't keep clothes dry.

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