Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flip Cover Review

Flip Covers:

I first should start off to say there is an entire Flip System consisting of the covers and inserts. They have disposable inserts, stay dry inserts, and organic inserts. Personally we use just a prefold or fitted inside the Flip cover. The come in hook & loop and snap closure, 12 colors, and are one size.

Oh flip where do I start. They come to you softer and more pliable than most covers. After a couple washes they get even nicer. We personally only have hook & loop because they're closer to disposables in use. We have 2 covers that we bought almost a year ago. Both are still in use, one in heavier rotation than the other (its a gender neutral color). Our one in heavy rotation has some signs of wear like the loop is getting a little fuzzy and also its coming detached from the actual cover. But those are to be expected when you're using the same cover for two kids every day.

The only leaking issues I have gotten from the Flip come from user error and not cover issues. They are part of my night time solution and I have never gotten a wet bed in the morning while using these.

Summary: I love my flip covers and at less than $14 a cover I'm very pleased with them. I cannot speak for the entire flip system or how the snap closure goes but MY covers are great. I do wish the loop would be sewed on a little tighter but all in all these are my favorite covers.

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