Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm alive still

Sam is 6 weeks old and Sophia is 13.5 months old. My babies just keep growing.
I keep forgetting to blog... oops.

There really is not much new. Carl works 3pm-11pm so I'm alone with them in the evenings which I think I do pretty kick ass with even though I'm ALONE. Now when people interrupt the routine that is a totally different story.

I'm even brave enough to babysit my friends daughter who's three months younger than Sophia. That was actually really fun. The girls kept each other busy and it was fun to see Sophia playing with someone close to her age.

Carl and I are on the Atkins diet. I need to lose weight just because I actually NEED to. Carl is trying to get down to 175 or below so he can join the Army, yes that's what I said. I'm stalling out right now (god damn being female) but Carl is down to 191 (from 205) since August 15th.

We're thinking of doing another god forsaken move. Conditions here are awful (see people interrupting my night time routine) and I'm losing my mind. One day we'll live somewhere for more than a year... one day.

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