Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Carl got me thinking

And for once it wasn't about how best to kill him and make it look like an accident.

As we were taking out the trash last night he said "Our society is disgusting with how much waist we produce." He was talking about us, you, and everyone else in the world.

I can't really step on a soap box. We're guilty. But we want to make a change in that, a because I want my children perhaps my grandchildren to have a clean Earth. I read a study after I got thinking. Each American produces about 230 million tons of refuse a year. Did you know disposable diapers make up 3% of that? Or those Styrofoam trays catching the blood from your meat, egg cartons? Another 3%.

We want to take our own steps to help reduce our foot print. I'll be the first to admit our '92 Buick isn't helping with its gas guzzling ways. We can't help that until we can afford a new car. But I can help the fact my kid goes through  7 disposable diapers a day at the bare minimum. I can buy her cloth diapers. What about the catch trays? We can go to a local meat market instead of the super market. As for the Buick we do plan to get a new car soon but also we want to start walking to places as much as we can. It is slightly difficult but worth a try. We still have to drive but hopefully not as much.

We also plan to stop using paper towels but instead old shirts for messes and cute little cotton hand towels for drying our hands.

Another thing I would like to do is stop being a slave to fisher price. I feel my daughter needs that $$$ whatever that talks and sings her alphabet.  Why do I need that toy? I can sing to her, I can teach her letters, numbers, colors, and shapes all by myself.

We also spend a lot on clothing. I can sew so I plan to try to sew some clothing for the little miss, perhaps my self and Carl.

Our plan is to start phasing these things in slowly and hopefully find new things on the way. 

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