Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 26!

According to my pregnancy ticker I have about 98 days left. This is assuming I was going to 40 weeks, but I'm not. Maybe 39 weeks, so that would be like 91, but more realistically would be 38... so 84ish days!

I see the doctors once a week for ultrasounds, because her size we monitor Savannah's cord blood flow and obviously her size. I see them every Tuesday through the end of September, which will put me at 31 weeks. After 31 there is talk about needing to go twice a week for continued ultrasounds and adding NSTs.

The real goal here is to make it to 31 weeks, rather right now we're aiming for 28weeks. I obviously don't want a 28week birth but at 28weeks the survivor rate jumps to 96%.

Currently Savannah seems okay in there, her ultrasounds are going well. She's very stubborn and there are still some anatomy shots that haven't been taken.

On Saturday Carl and I went to see a movie in theaters, apparently she was less than thrilled at being kept awake at 10pm. She spent the entire moving kicking me silly.

Another test awaits in a few weeks. The dreaded glucose challenge. With Simon I failed my 3hr glucose and was labeled a gestational diabetic, because of this I had a one hour test around 19 weeks. I passed with normal numbers but I still have to take it again around this time to ensure I haven't developed it in the past few weeks. Sure the diabetes wasn't terrible, mine was diet controlled, but I really don't need any other issues right now so I'm crossing all my fingers and toes I pass this test as well.

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