Monday, October 22, 2012


Well we did it. Sam and Sophie have both received haircuts.

Sam simply needed a cut his was getting long. And since it grows fast we decided to take it down a fair amount.

Sam before 
(ignore the bandaid that would be a pavement face plant)

Sam after
Look at my big boy!

Sophie on the other hand had a whole different reason for needing her hair cut. As a self soothing mechanism Sophie picked up hair twirling. This is something she's done since she had hair she could reach. A lot of times she would twirl up her hair so bad it would knot and then we would have to spend sometimes up to 30 minutes getting them out.

Sophie before

Sophie during
She did so well sitting in the chair by herself!

Sophie After!

You might be asking "Where is Sam's during?" Well my grandmother does Sam's hair (and usually Sophie's too) and well Sam is a little... needy at times.

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