Friday, June 1, 2012

Some potty success

Sophia is at the age in which doctors, friends and websites are prompting us to potty train her.

In the past she's shown some interest in it but she would do well and then begin resisting. I have no interest in pushing her so we let her lead the way.

Today at 2:10 today she found a pair of big girl underwear and asked to wear them. I figured what the heck, I was expecting maybe 10-15minutes of dryness from her but I let her try anyway.  So we sat her on the potty, she didn't go, but she got the underwear.

She surprised me that one.  She remained dry and at about 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30 she peed on the potty. At 5:50 I sat her one last time before putting a diaper on her for bed.

She did so well today.

I'll offer her underwear tomorrow but if she does diapers oh well, at least I can see she understands whats going on.

If she does keep it up I'll be extremely surprised and happy. Also there's not much cuter than a chubby little toddler in underwear!

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